Global Food Security Conference, Cape Town, December 2017

Dr. Tobias Thürer, Christina Seeger (PhD candidate) and Carla Swertz (former Master‘s student of the Faculty of Management and Economics) attended the 3rd International Conference on Global Food Security in Cape Town, South Africa, which took place 3-6 December 2017. Christina Seeger and Carla Swertz presented research results generated in the Urban Food Plus project to a large international scientific audience. Christina Seeger gave an oral presentation on „Trust, certification organizations, and consumers‘ willingness to pay for certified safe vegetables in Ghana“ and Carla Swertz on „Incidence and cost of illness among urban farm households in Tamale, Ghana“.

First research activities in Cameroon

Following a first exploratory trip of IEE researchers Nicole Dittrich, Marc Hansen and Tobias Thürer to Cameroon in June 2016, we are currently expanding our research activities to Bamenda. The field work for the two WTP studies in Bamenda began in mid-March 2017 and is currently being carried out by the two RUB students Diana Tuchak and Arne Nasgowitz, who will have finished their work by the end of May 2017. As in Ouagadougou and Tamale, each WTP study targets a sample of 300-350 randomly selected households, using a spatial, GIS-based sampling approach.

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January 2015: Studies on Urban Consumers’ Willingness to Pay

Bismark Amfo, Master student at the University for Development Studies (UDS), recently joined the UFP sub-project Economic Evaluation. Under the supervision of Dr. Samuel Donkoh, Head of the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics at UDS, and UDS staff member Isaac Ansah, Bismark will be exploring consumers’ willingness to pay for certified produce. A similar study with a focus on consumers’ willingness to pay for safer vegetables will be conducted by Emmanuel Boachi, Master student in the Bochum Programme of Development Management at the University of the Western Cape (UWC). Both studies complement the on-going research of the UFP sub-project to assess impacts of biochar application and improved irrigation on supply and demand of vegetables produced in urban and peri-urban agriculture.

New team members for UFP’s sub-project Economic Evaluation: Bismark Amfo (Master candidate)
Dr. Samuel Donkoh (Head of Department)
Isaac Gershon J. Ansah (staff member) from the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics at UDS, Tamale

December 2014: Field Research on Costs of Illness Completed

Interview with farmers on illness-related costs in Tamale

Carla Swertz, student of Management and Economics at Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB), completed three months of field work in Tamale, Ghana. In the context of UFP sub-project Economic Evaluation, Carla conducted structured interviews with 300 urban farmers to find out the predominant health problems that farmers face and any costs related to diseases due to lost labour days, expenses for seeking medical advice, hospital treatment and buying medicines. The study aims to reveal the causes and scope of health-related costs, which have a negative impact on households’ welfare via their effect on income and labour. Carla’s study complements the work of UFP sub-project Economic Evaluation, as well as sub-project 5, which explores technical options to enhance the quality of irrigation water through appropriate filtering methods.